BIG NEWS! Our founder Elease Dillard was awarded a GYP 35 Under 35 Award that recognizes top young professionals within the Metro-Atlanta area!

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After serving students and families as a brand since 2016, we are excited to announce that we have joined forces with Let's Break The Odds!

Let's Break The Odds is a faith-based personal growth and lifestyle brand that provides content and resources to help individuals and families #breaktheodds and walk in their God-given purpose—in their life, family, career, and communities.

With a community of over 30,000 people from around the worldLet's Break The Odds has collaborated with industry leaders/brands, and hosted events in the community covering topics such as financial literacy, career development, mental health, and more.

By combining brands with Let's Break The Odds, this will provide an opportunity for us to serve students and families on a larger level. Moving forward, our funding college debt-free resources will continue to be available, which you can browse on:

We are excited for this new chapter and invite you to join us!
Let's break the odds together.

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meet our founder
Elease Dillard

Author of Funding College Debt-Free & Creator of the Funding College Debt-Free Insider Kit™

After graduating college debt-free without taking out any loans along the way, Elease founded The Student Navigator to serve as a go-to resource to learn how to fund college debt-free. Elease is also the author of Funding College Debt-Free which was ranked the #1 New Release on Amazon for Academic Development Counseling. 

Elease has been featured by platforms such as VoyageATL Magazine, Business RadioX, GGC Engage Magazine, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and most recently the winner of a GYP 35 Under 35 Award that recognizes top young professionals under the age of 35 within the Metro-Atlanta area.

You can also catch Elease speaking and volunteering in the community as she furthers her mission to help individuals and families break the odds and create a lasting legacy. 

Fun Fact:

Before professionally entering the business and education field, Elease served within the STEM field and holds a B.S. in Cell Biology with a concentration in Biotechnology. By the age of 21, Elease conducted medical research for well-renowned institutions including at Morehouse School of Medicine’s Neuroscience Institute for a program offered in partnership with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to research alongside scientists at The University of California San Francisco to innovate a tobacco cessation intervention designed to help young adults quit smoking.

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Hi there!

I’m Elease. After graduating college debt-free (without taking out a loan along the way) and helping my peers fund their education debt-free, I founded The Student Navigator to teach you how. You don’t have to go through this process alone. Let’s experience freedom after graduation together!

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“…I completed my first degree debt-free…Now I’m ready to conquer my next degree!”
India | Atlanta, GA
Debt-Free College Graduate (Georgia Gwinnett College)

What students & Parents have to say

What Students & Parents Have to Say

“Thank you so much for taking your time to meet with my daughter and I. We appreciate your wisdom and guidance as we venture into this new chapter of college preparation.

This really opened my eyes to understand that I need to pay attention and start looking into what I wanna do and what type of field I want to go into. It also helped me realize that I need to prepare more for college and it’s really made my mind a lot more alert with what I really want to do. I’m glad I did it. It was a great experience and I recommend it to everyone…it prepares you for the expenses so to you it’s like a head start to what you should be doing.”

Before going into the boot camp I was very overwhelmed in my path to college funding but the camp has opened my eyes and motivated me as well as equipped me with the correct information to go about my journey.”

The friendliness of my mentor really made me feel like I was an actual person instead of someone that could easily be passed off to another mentor. I feel better knowing the company values me as a person, even when it’s not in regards to what I signed up for.

I have had nothing but a wonderful and helpful experience with this company. I always felt as though I was in the best hands. My questions were always answered very thoroughly and a good portion of the time, my mentor was so detailed and forthcoming with information originally that I didn’t really need to ask any questions. She was of the utmost help and I feel more confident moving forward having learned the things from this company to help me apply myself better to both my school and future employment opportunities.

With the consistency I experienced, I feel as though I have set myself on a pace to continue applying for and possibly winning a multitude of scholarships. I truly want to thank The Student Navigator for bringing me to this point and I look forward to speaking with them again in the future.“

“My daughter is in her third year of college and has funded the last two years debt-free.”

The Student Navigator bootcamp has been an instrumental tool for helping me structure my path toward debt-free graduation as a prospective grad student in terms of refining my purpose, school selection, scholarships by category, fellowships and more.

Highly recommended that anyone in industry, college, high school and even middle school to take this course as a preliminary for preparing for college. It will provide you with the solid foundation you need to have to make more informed decisions about college selection, timing, and building good habits on the path to debt-free graduation. It’ll be time well-spent on the front-end to save you from a lot of needless debt later on.”

…beyond helpful, rather life changing! I am so grateful for the support offered and recommend anyone striving to have a debt-free educational experience to inquire and utilize the guidance available…You are bound to benefit!!!”

Speaking Testimonials

"Elease brings inspiration in a time of so much adversity. The resilience her presentation brought out in our parents and students is amazing. Funding college debt free seems like a mountain until it is broken down step by step and how you can overcome and reach that goal. Our students and parents left with an overwhelming knowledge on how to fund their education debt free but not only that. They also left inspired to think about their opportunities in life and what they want out of them, in the presentation it is very important to have determination and focus because it will take grit to reach the finish line! Thank you so much to Elease Dillard and The Student Navigator for the dynamic presentation to our parents and students."
Rigoberto Rivera | Deputy Director of Programs
Communities In Schools of Atlanta

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Let's break the odds together...

Join a community of over 30,000 people around the world.

The Let’s Break The Odds is initiative is dedicated to navigating individuals towards breaking the odds in their life, family, career, and communities. Created by Elease Dillard, the 4 pillars of this initiative are: (1) college and career, (2) financial literacy, (3) mental health, and (4) personal growth and development. Through this initiative, the Break The Odds™ show (top-ranked syndicated podcast) features guest appearances from industry experts, professionals, and individuals who transparently share their success stories and insight to help you #breaktheodds, reach the next level, and create a lasting legacy.

🏆 Most recently, Break The Odds™ podcast was ranked internationally within the Top 50 on Apple Podcasts for Education.

🌎 Currently, the #letsbreaktheodds community has grown to serve over 30,000 people from around the world.


Break The Odds™ show is a top-ranked syndicated podcast that features guest appearances from industry experts, professionals, and individuals who transparently share their success stories and insight to help you #breaktheodds, reach the next level, and create a lasting legacy.

🏆 Most recently, Break The Odds™ podcast was ranked internationally within the Top 50 on Apple Podcasts for Education.


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