Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to The Student Navigator! If you are reading our “About Us” page right now, I would imagine that you are interested in learning more about us for yourself, your child, or your organization. By you coming to our website, I can already tell that you are an extraordinary person—one who wants to change your life and the lives of others for the better. You are an individual who does not want to live as a statistic to student loan debt nor be subject to not finding a job in your degree field after graduation. You might be a first generation college student who is determined to change your family tree for a better quality of life. You could possibly be a parent/guardian who cannot financially contribute to your child’s education, yet does not want them to graduate with student loans amounting to the cost of a home. You could also be a single parent or a working professional who never finished college or wants a career change but is unsure of how to make pursuing an education work amidst your busy life.

Regardless of your situation, I want to let you know that because you are here on our website today, that means you want more. Visiting this page indicates that you are hungry—hungry for more. Congratulations! I want to applaud you. The first step towards success is taking action. The fact that you are here to gain more information is a step of action towards your future.

Not everyone wants to change or are willing to take the action steps towards making a change in their life. Many motivational speakers say, “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” So I want to ask you, why did you come to our website today? What pain is so great that made you want to take action and create change? Is it your desire to be the first in your family to graduate college? Is it your desire to change your family tree and break the generational curse of poverty or living paycheck to paycheck? Is it your desire of not wanting to be a statistic to the enormous amounts of student loans and creating a life of freedom for yourself and your family? Or is it your desire to reinvent yourself—to use this second chance in your education to excel and live above mediocrity?

As a parent/guardian you might be feeling these same desires for your child, and are searching for resources to figure out the best role you can play in helping your child on this journey…

Whatever your desire is, I am here to tell you that you have come to the right place. I understand many of those desires you are feeling because I felt the same way as a student. I did not want to be a statistic to student loans. I wanted financial freedom for myself and my family. However, this is what I found: turn your desire into determination, your pain into passion, and your concerns into commitment.

As a student who graduated college debt-free and now living in her purpose, I am here to tell you that the change you want in your life is possible.

I founded this company for you. During our three-step plan of action, not only does our team incorporate personal methods that helped us to successfully graduate college debt-free and land scholarships and internships, but we also include information that we have gained while working in this industry. Moreover, we share information on how to have a successful transition into your career and the real world post-graduation.

Here at The Student Navigator, we want you to be successful. If you heed to the guidance and instructions shared by our mentors/team members and take action with 100% effort and intensity, I am confident that you will receive positive results in your life and educational career. My prayer is that by the end of step three, you feel encouraged, motivated, knowledgeable, and confident towards continuing your educational journey and your career.  You can do it!

So sit back, and buckle your seat belts. You are set for an amazing journey.  Because today will be the first day of the rest of your life!


Elease Dillard

Founder, The Student Navigator, LLC