Who We Are

The Student Navigator is your online resource to help you maximize your educational experience. Our primary focus is to help navigate you towards debt-free college graduation. Whether you are a current student, a recent grad, or a working professional returning back to school—we can help! We operate 100% online, providing you the ability and convenience to schedule at meet with us from anywhere.

If you are currently in school and have taken out loans, we can still work with you now to help you with your remaining time in school and help you to position yourself for post-graduation. With our trusted mentors who have successfully graduated college debt-free, our team members who have personally won scholarships and internships, and our 24/7 resource with scholarship and internship programs, there is no doubt you will begin to continue your education with confidence.

If you already graduated college and are pursuing your career and an advanced degree, you are still welcome to our resources and services such as our proofreading and review services for essays and resumes, and our 24/7 datatbase which includes scholarship, internship, and fellowship programs from high school to doctorate level.

Our Mission

To make debt-free graduation the status quo

To navigate students on their educational journey towards achieving debt-free college graduation.

Core Values

Offer genuine, sincere, and authentic services 100%
Create a positive experience for every student 100%
Bring out the inner-leader in every student 100%