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“Graduating debt-free positions you to invest in your future instead of your past.”

Elease Dillard
Author, Funding College Debt-Free

An initiative for today's Student and tomorrow's future

Let’s Break The Odds is our initiative at The Student Navigator dedicated to navigating students towards breaking the odds in their life, family, career, and communities. 

By (1) being introduced to different industries coupled with (2) funding their education debt-free, we believe students will be positioned to make this a reality in their lives and create a lasting legacy.

To execute this mission we collaborate with students, industry leaders, and organizations to equip students with the awareness, habits, tools, and resources to successfully take action. 

Focus Areas

Personal Growth & Development

“Your attitude determines your altitude.” —Zig Ziglar

We believe success first starts with a positive mindset. Here’s our commitment:

Provide a  positive and encouraging environment for each family here at The Student Navigator


Provide tools and resources towards establishing positive habits that will lead to intentional personal growth and development as a lifestyle


Financial Literacy & Guidance

Student loan debt prevents many students from pursuing a career that they are passionate about and love after graduation—including dropping out of school, choosing a job outside of their ideal field, and struggling to have assets.

In addition, upon graduation many students lack the knowledge for how manage their money.

Here’s how we are being a part of the solution:

With our award-nominated program, students will learn our step-by-step roadmap that has helped students fund their entire education debt-free. 

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We collaborate with schools and community organizations to provide awareness and insight for families in the community.

Let’s Collaborate >

Our founder, Elease Dillard, hosting a workshop at Georgia Gwinnett College for Money Smart Week—a national effort dedicated to financial literacy across the United States.

Career Development

With the buffet of industries that exist, we have established The Student Navigator Network—a network of industry professionals and companies who share with our families their knowledge, insight, strategies, and resources towards succeeding in their industries.

Features, Partnerships & Collaborations (to name a few)

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What the Community
Has to Say

“…I completed my first degree debt-free…Now I’m ready to conquer my next degree!”
India | Atlanta, GA
Debt-Free College Graduate (Georgia Gwinnett College)

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