Sponsor a Student: The Funding College Debt-Free Online Boot Camp




This sponsorship will bless a student to be enrolled in the Funding College Debt-Free Online Boot Camp.

Next Boot Camp: September 1-November 3, 2019

The Funding College Debt-Free Boot Camp is a 10-week online program for students who are ready to take action towards positioning themselves for freedom after graduation. Taught by Elease Dillard (speaker, author, and debt-free graduate), students will learn her proven step-by-step system that has resulted with students funding some or all of their education debt-free.

The boot camp includes:


Self-Paced Videos and Required Action Steps

Action is a fundamental key to success. With our roadmap, students do not have to guess how to take action. With our online platform, students will have the flexibility of having an entire week to watch the video lesson and complete the required action steps for that week.


Worksheets and Advance Resources

Designed especially for boot camp participants!


Weekly Office Hours

If a student needs help completing an action step, they can schedule a one-on-one office hour to receive the undivided attention they need to complete the action steps.


One-On-One Check-Ins

Each student’s success is our top priority. With the one-on-one check-ins, we will chat with the student, discuss their progress, and create an action plan for how to maximize the remainder of the boot camp.


Access to Elease Dillard/The Student Navigator

Students can ask us questions at any time.


Online Community

With our online discussion area, students have the opportunity to develop a community with other students within their classroom as they embark on this journey together.


Graduate Benefits

As a boot camp grad, students will enjoy exclusive benefits at The Student Navigator.

We appreciate your giving heart to invest in students’ futures! With your sponsorship, you will be helping a student begin to position themselves for freedom after graduation.


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