Hear From Some of Our Amazing Students and Parents...

“Growing up, college always had the connotation as ‘expensive’ stamped to its name. Little did I know there are a million and one ways to not be victim to thousands of dollars in student loans. 

With the advisement of the founder of The Student Navigator and belief in its mission, I am currently a debt-free college student and do not plan to acquire any debt while at this institution! Jump on these resources—it can impact your life more than you could imagine.”

—Jamie: Atlanta, GA
Student, College Junior

The friendliness of my mentor really made me feel like I was an actual person instead of someone that could easily be passed off to another mentor. I feel better knowing the company values me as a person, even when it’s not in regards to what I signed up for.

I have had nothing but a wonderful and helpful experience with this company. Whether it be through applying for jobs, internships, or scholarship applications, I always felt as though I was in the best hands. My questions were always answered very throughly and a good portion of the time, my mentor was so detailed and forthcoming with information originally that I didn’t really need to ask any questions. She was of the utmost help and I feel more confident moving forward having learned the things from this company to help me apply myself better to both my school and future employment opportunities. With the consistency I experienced, I feel as though I have set myself on a pace to continue applying for and possibly winning a multitude of scholarships. I truly want to thank The Student Navigator for bringing me to this point and I look forward to speaking with them again in the future.

—Chelsea: Sarasota, FL
Student, College Sophomore

“Elease was very patient…I have seen much improvement with my daughter. Thank you very much!!”

—Forbes: Atlanta, GA
Parent, High School Graduate/College Freshman

“…Just dropping in to say thank you!! Keep up the good work!”

—Tyler: New York, NY
Working Professional, Returning Back to School

I’m much better at writing now. I have a better hook and I know how to cite. I also know how to look for scholarships and how to write a proper resume.”

—Kimberly: West Point, GA
Student, High School Graduate/College Freshman

“Thank you so much for taking your time to meet with my daughter and I. We appreciate your wisdom and guidance as we venture into this new chapter of college preparation.”

—Nicole: Atlanta, GA
Parent, 8th Grade Student/Rising High School Freshman