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Rated 4.7 by Students

Award-Nominated | Rated 4.7 by Students

Access on-demand tools, videos, workshops, and a step-by-step proven roadmap teaching you how to fund your education debt-free—all while receiving hands-on guidance along the way!

Join a community of students across the country who are funding some/all of their education debt-free.

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Funding College Debt-Free
30-Day Kick-Start

30-Day Online Program

*Beginner program recommended for students within 8th Grade (age 13+) – 9th Grade


Over the next 30 days, begin to build your foundation and kick-start your journey towards funding your education debt-free.

Taught by Elease Dillard (speaker, award-nominated entrepreneur, and author of Funding College Debt-Free) you will learn from someone who has successfully lived it and done it debt-free!

*Basic (Free) Membership included.

30 Videos

Receive a video lesson each day (averaging 10 minutes or less). Each daily lesson will build on one another throughout the program.

30 Action Steps

Action is key. Receive daily action steps that correlate with your daily video lesson. These action steps are designed to be feasible for you to complete each day.

Q&A Discussion Area

Have a question? Here to help! You are not on this journey alone. Feel free to ask us your question in our Question & Answer Discussion Area!

60 Days of Access

We know life gets busy. Enjoy double the time to complete the program!

*Your 60-days will begin once you log-in inside your classroom within the Academy


Funding College Debt-Free Online Boot Camp

10-Week Online Program

*Advanced program recommended for students within 10th Grade – College


As a someone who successfully graduated debt-free, Elease Dillard (speaker, award-nominated entrepreneur, and author of Funding College Debt-Free) walks you from A to Z as she teaches you her step-by-step proven roadmap for how she graduated college debt-free without taking out any loans!

With her proven roadmap, students have funded their entire college education debt-free. 

This 10-week online program consists of weekly video lessons, weekly action steps (that build on one another), one-on-one sessions, access to a library of 30+ on-demand tools designed in-house at The Student Navigator, and more! 

With the online self-paced format, you can take action throughout the week to complete the lesson at your own pace from anywhere within your busy schedule.

Upon graduating from the 10-week Boot Camp, enjoy ongoing access to the Boot Camp’s lessons and features for an entire year—providing you with the opportunity refer back and utilize these tools while you continue to take action throughout your educational journey.


*Basic (Free) Membership included

In-Depth Weekly Video Lessons & Action Steps

Enjoy the flexibility of having an entire week to watch the video lesson and complete the action steps! (Videos average 30 minutes or less).

Live Virtual One-On-One Sessions

Have a question? Need additional guidance completing an action step? No problem! Feel free to schedule a virtual one-on-one session with us where you can chat with us face-to-face!

Library of 30+ On-Demand Tools

Access 30+ worksheets, checklists, guides, and other tools designed in-house at The Student Navigator to help you take action and stay on track

Virtual Parent-Student Check-Ins

Your success is important to us. If enrolled by a parent, guardian, or sponsor—these check-ins serve as an opportunity for us to have a joint meeting with all parties to chat about your progress so far and to ensure you are maximizing what is available within the Boot Camp for your benefit.

1 Year of Access

Upon graduating from the 10-week Boot Camp, enjoy ongoing access to the Boot Camp's lessons and features to refer back to for an entire year!

*Your 10 weeks will begin once you log-in inside your classroom within the Academy

Meet your instructor, Elease Dillard

Speaker, Author, & Debt-Free Graduate

Hi there!

I’m Elease. After graduating college debt-free and helping my peers fund their education debt-free, I designed these programs to teach you how. You don’t have to go through this process alone. Let’s experience freedom after graduation together!

“…I completed my first degree debt-free…Now I’m ready to conquer my next degree!”
India | Atlanta, GA
Debt-Free College Graduate (Georgia Gwinnett College)

What students & Parents have to say

“Thank you so much for taking your time to meet with my daughter and I. We appreciate your wisdom and guidance as we venture into this new chapter of college preparation.

This really opened my eyes to understand that I need to pay attention and start looking into what I wanna do and what type of field I want to go into. It also helped me realize that I need to prepare more for college and it’s really made my mind a lot more alert with what I really want to do. I’m glad I did it. It was a great experience and I recommend it to everyone…it prepares you for the expenses so to you it’s like a head start to what you should be doing.”

Before going into the boot camp I was very overwhelmed in my path to college funding but the camp has opened my eyes and motivated me as well as equipped me with the correct information to go about my journey.”

The friendliness of my mentor really made me feel like I was an actual person instead of someone that could easily be passed off to another mentor. I feel better knowing the company values me as a person, even when it’s not in regards to what I signed up for.

I have had nothing but a wonderful and helpful experience with this company. I always felt as though I was in the best hands. My questions were always answered very thoroughly and a good portion of the time, my mentor was so detailed and forthcoming with information originally that I didn’t really need to ask any questions. She was of the utmost help and I feel more confident moving forward having learned the things from this company to help me apply myself better to both my school and future employment opportunities.

With the consistency I experienced, I feel as though I have set myself on a pace to continue applying for and possibly winning a multitude of scholarships. I truly want to thank The Student Navigator for bringing me to this point and I look forward to speaking with them again in the future.“

“My daughter is in her third year of college and has funded the last two years debt-free.”

The Student Navigator bootcamp has been an instrumental tool for helping me structure my path toward debt-free graduation as a prospective grad student in terms of refining my purpose, school selection, scholarships by category, fellowships and more.

Highly recommended that anyone in industry, college, high school and even middle school to take this course as a preliminary for preparing for college. It will provide you with the solid foundation you need to have to make more informed decisions about college selection, timing, and building good habits on the path to debt-free graduation. It’ll be time well-spent on the front-end to save you from a lot of needless debt later on.”

…beyond helpful, rather life changing! I am so grateful for the support offered and recommend anyone striving to have a debt-free educational experience to inquire and utilize the guidance available…You are bound to benefit!!!”

Frequently asked questions

The Funding College Debt-Free Boot Camp is a 10-week online program designed to teach you our proven roadmap towards funding your education debt-free.

Taught by Elease Dillard (debt-free college graduate, award-nominated entrepreneur, and author of Funding College Debt-Free), you will learn step-by-step strategies and insight towards positioning yourself for freedom after graduation.

This boot camp is open to all students over the age of 13. Whether you are a middle/high school student, a working professional returning to school, or a college student, you will learn strategies that will lead you towards funding your future/remaining education debt-free. (College students: this course can also be applied towards preparing you for your advanced degree!)

The Boot Camp is designed to be completed in 10 weeks with weekly lessons that build on one another. With our online self-paced format, you can complete it even sooner—allowing you to participate in the boot camp from anywhere and fit it within your busy schedule.

You will not go through this alone. This is a hybrid program, meaning you will not only have the ability to self-pace yourself throughput the lessons, but also be matched with a mentor and have the opportunity to ask questions at any time. You will also develop a community with other students within the Boot Camp as you all embark on this journey together.

Yes, absolutely! Elease’s book, Funding College Debt-Free, was written to be a guide. In the boot camp we will dig deeper and cover these topics more in depth than what is in her book. You will also be given action steps each week to complete in order to receive credit for the lesson, adding an extra layer of accountability. There are also advanced tools exclusive to you as a participant within the boot camp to help you even more on this journey. Get ready!

No, any student age 13 and older can become a member. We have proudly served students on a  middle school, high school, college, and advanced-degree level. 

*Please Note: Students under the age of 18 must have the consent of a parent or guardian. 

That answer is up to you. Success in life requires consistent action. The same applies here at The Student Navigator. We have a proven system that has helped students fund their education debt-free. Our system works but you must work it. We are here to be your roadmap but you must take consistent action. The ball is in your court.

Absolutely! You can upgrade your membership or cancel prior to renewal (next billing period) of your current membership. However, if you wait to cancel close to your renewal date, the money have already began to be processed with your bank to be withdrawn for renewal.  Therefore,  if you plan to cancel, do it early in advance before your renewal date. Click “Manage Account” at the top of this page to upgrade/cancel. 

Please Note: All sales are final.

Contact us at and we will be happy to address your question!

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